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      "Of the utmost importance, sir. It throws an entirely new light on the case.""I don't know as we ought to have anything to do with this, Shorty," said Si dubiously. "At least, we ought to inquire of the Colonel first."

      The mere mention of the much-abused crackers made both their mouths water.

      When Mr. Klegg returned to his seat he found his carpetsack, umbrella, mittens, and comforter gone. Likewise the man who had been riding with him. He waxed very wroth, and lifted up his voice to let them know it. Several around began to guy him, but suddenly the man from Miller's Brigade forced his way174 through the crowd and asked:

      The Trouble Begins 059"Well, bring the men out," said the 'Squire, pouring himself out another drink.220

      "I command this brigade, and several others," said the General, smilingly enjoying their confusion.

      "Yes, sir."


      "Something like that ought to be done in the army," murmured Shorty.



      The Free Fight. 169